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This is a fun shop for people who want to feel good more of the time, plus an entertainment centre for those who do feel good fairly often (rare we know) and would like some 'refreshingly' entertaining books to read.

We cater for both.


Give us five minutes ... no, make that four minutes fifty nine seconds (you SAVE one second which you can use some other time) of your undivided attention and, if you so wish, we will help you change your life into something that feels a lot better. Make sure you click onto the orange ‘Me Time’ button (it could be yellowish?), for an explanation.

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Our mission (passion) in this

Book Shop is to provide amusing writings

as part of the distraction from 'life' process.

The ME-TIME you so richly 'deserve'

Over 60 titles, 7 genres.

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Meet Bob and Harry of 'Roman Security Systems'-WLC



“Good day visitor! I’m Big Bob the Spear and that’s Mad Harry the Sword of Roman Security Systems. We are the guardians of this fine e book shop. Please behave yourself when moving around the shelves taking in the titles ... 'or else'. We also take a dim view of rival writers coming in under disguise trying to get our author Frankie's refreshing style to rub off on them. Bad behaviour and 'attempted style theft' may result in you feeling one of Harry's sharp edges, so sharp he shaves his legs with them. Isn't that right Harry.

"That's right boss!"