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and 'you' thought train strikes were bad!

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We’re so grateful that Nuddybongo’s friend Eunice would have joined the paper as Agony Granny if Barney hadn’t been trashed, because she would have been so valuable as she had had just so much experience dealing with people’s pain. However, we will give you a little background anyway.  Lovely ‘Une’ lives in a spacious, one bedroom flat, on the ground floor of a large block of flats in a city suburb. Her only companion is/was her Labrador cross; he’s called Barney.


Oh Pretty Butterfly

Oh pretty butterfly, oh pretty butterfly, thank God like birds do, you don’t fly south,
Words of appreciation at such news come from my heart and out my mouth,
Oh pretty butterfly oh pretty butterfly, I’m glad you don’t go,
Instead you stay, and die when we get cold and snow.


The Ace historian told us that history writers do some of their work from scrappy old records made by ‘who knows’? They simply make the rest up.
King James, who transcribed the Bible from an ancient Aramaic comedy script, said “who givveth a shit what others think?”

Coming soon as a Quick Flash


'I think it’s another Glexian species who thinks I’m its pet. I knew they would be onto me! It was using the saucer’s Holoview, a posh, stereo vision periscope i.e. the face is an image floating above the saucer. '

Cymone Bozanko,
NASA Scientist





One day a couple walked into the countryside to chill. They had with them a laptop and a DVD, which was Braveheart. They sat drinking wine and eating Pringles and in a voice that drowned out all the crunching and slurping, Mel Gibson as William Wallace shouted “we want freedom!”




Welcome to our famous Chizzel House of Mind Disturbance. Someone already had Hammer, and disturbance sounds better than horror. We thought we should have a butler like Lurch for the house, so we advertised and got one.




More to come! ENJOY !


Amusing very short stories to read onthe way to work to arrive with a smile.

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​'they are great to read, brings some light relief to the day'

said by staff in an office in Cumbria...




Irreverent Distraction

Beware of the Scientists

Confusion is a very dangerous thing, one must use humour to avoid it. This little offering will help you see through the tangled web which is being constantly woven by a devious spider. This could possibly be horror? (Real horror?)
This one should cheer you up on the way to work, especially if you’re a scientist.


Flash Fiction



This is a little bit of fun inspired by a re ... ah! But hang on. That would be telling and it’s in the story. This is another wild and splendiferous ‘quick as a flash story’ like the Green Balloon one, but not short enough to be in the Haiku stable (thank God).
It is something you may want to read on your way to work to cheer you up before you get there so you can arrive with a smile.



Love and Light? Love doesn’t have to be the domain of the human. What about animals, or fish, or insects? There again, what about inanimate objects we take totally for granted. Can they love each other?

Her husbands special hobby produces the most wonderful love gift for his wife, and then for others.
Both stories are suitable for wise adults to read with their children.



Children's Books

This small book is designed to be read by mums. Hopefully if they like the short imaginative stories, they can then adapt the stories and tell them, in their own words to their child/children using the pictures. Goes hand in hand with Super Nature Imagination and Imagination City, Broken Toy and Thing hospital. Imagination is a powerful tool, nowadays used by sports and businesses alike.


The SparklyPeople


Meet Doctors

Andy and Cleo Palmer

Sex therapists




This is a subject usually mumbo jumboed by the vast majority. Well being is as it says, being well in yourself, and remembering (not learning) how to live as your inner being once again, and using the body for what it was designed for i.e. to experience the ‘earth experience’ (negative energy leads to the body being NOT Well).


Quick Flash

Coming Soon






While saving the world, Grant also looks after his mother, and does strange things with tortoises.

Max Barker LIKES this book

This is laugh out loud funny!



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