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There are many people who think that trees are unaware things with certainly no artistic ability (how can a tree have human qualities? Maybe though it’s the observer/passer by who has no arty fartyness about them? Think how good trees would be at that hand shadow puppetry.



Read about the 'Secret Storyteller's Festival'.

Prizewinning writer Frankie is probably the world's only Caricature word artist. His greatest critics have said of his brand of keyboard scribble:

'He's so shit, he's good' . That's a HUGE accolade, a massive compliment and something he's extremely proud of, thrilled with ... 'and' over the moon about. It's worthy of a magnum or two of Bollinger. Other 'writers' don't seem to take so kindly to similar solid gold jewel encrusted lifetime achivement awards. Talking about 'over the moon about' do you know how the cow jumped over the moon? It was reflected in a puddle.

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Linda Barnett-Johnson commented on your blog post "Where do you get ideas? A 
tested answer." on Book Town (Feb 2015)
'What an imagination! I assume that you write humor books. If not, you sure 
should. You are a gifted writer and I laughed several times. It's really nice to 
know you. I'm still shaking my head and smirking.' 


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