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Frankie is probably the world's only Caricature word artist. His greatest critics have said of his brand of keyboard scribble:

'He's so shit, he's good' . That's a HUGE accolade, a massive compliment and something he's extremely proud of, thrilled with ... and over the moon about. It's worthy of a magnum or two of Bollinger. Other 'writers' don't seem to take so kindly to similar solid gold jewel encrusted lifetime achivement awards.



Linda Barnett-Johnson commented on your blog post "Where do you get ideas? A 
tested answer." on Book Town (Feb 2015)
'What an imagination! I assume that you write humor books. If not, you sure 
should. You are a gifted writer and I laughed several times. It's really nice to 
know you. I'm still shaking my head and smirking.' 


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Perhaps the fly thought: 'I should have stopped in bed this morning.'

Did we add the eyes for effect? Of course not.

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