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Welcome to our 'two worlds' site. Our World of refreshing creative photography by Fwanksy, and our World of e books in our unobtrusive Book Shop, The Reader's Highjest E Book Shop.


Our photograpy is the result of us sending Fwanksy out with his camera to mess around and then posting the results on here. The images are, we hope, special enough to make you feel good and therefore hopefully elicit some smiles from you. You can scroll down this page and see images that Fwanksy has taken near where he lives (it isn’t necessary to jet off around the world to get interesting images, but it sounds good all the same). Fwanksy likes to call the area he lives in The Super Nature Centre (it also has lots of Natural Twistory). At the bottom of this page you can then link into the book shop, or you can completely miss it out and go into the Phart Gallery i.e. Photographic Art. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Greetings again visitor! And welcome to the arty intro section to our hopefully good feeling website. Remember, feeling good is the best thing you can ever do for yourself, so we hope we can tickle/stimulate your good feeling valve with our e books and photography (keep it clean please! Visitor, your mind is terrible!)

Boy, oh boy! You are going to be delighted with 'this' news!
To help you appreciate our photographic art by our tame Urbanian Photographer, Fwanksy. Today, we have not one, but TWO art critics (it was cheaper believe it or not). This feels like food critic night on Masterchef. They are, Hector and Shirley Grof. Hector tells us that he has been a fine, nay ‘excellent’ art critic for many years, but Shirley is in the early years of being trained by Hector (hence the generous discount). Hector says that a superb art critic, like him, knows instinctively that it is best to use as few words as possible. Anyway, enjoy their insight and trained eyes.



We know Halloween has gone by now but here's a topical ' Super-Nature' leaf



and when we use live beasties we have 'Natural Twistory'. These pictures are in the Opican Style.

A Natural Twistory image of an ant that didn't realise it was going to be famous.



SYCAMORE SEEDS usually fall to the ground flying like little helicopters. Nature, as well as being incredibly beautiful, is miraculously clever. These though we think have been genetically modified by a mad scientist somewhere. These little seeds are our ‘little bird’ seeds, cute aren’t they.

Fwanksy, who is a bit of a naturalist, told us: "In this case they aren’t angry, because they don’t see me as a hostile intruder and are actually posing for the camera (they like to show off). If they had thought I was looking at mating with their males (as if), they would have attacked and made an awful mess of my hair. Yes, female sycamore seeds are the ones who do the scrapping, the males are quiet, shy little things, little wall flowers.


They also get quite angry with each other especially at mating time due to hormones and here you can see two getting ready to duel; they fence with their antennae. When the females do this, the male usually thinks ‘silly females, fighting again! They should grow up!’ And then he goes shopping (retail therapy). No one knows, not even David Attenborough, where male sycamore seeds shop, or what they buy, or what they use for money, or even if they really do go (they may just go and sulk somewhere). It is a mystery which may never be solved, guaranteeing our research scientists juicy grants. Actually, the females, being extremely clever and manipulative just pretend to be angry and when the male has disappeared to the 'shops', they shake antennae and go to the pub (no one knows where sycamore seed pubs are, or if they exist at all).




Females in the touché position getting ready to go to the pub, As you can see, the male has already left the scene.

This next one is a pheasant sycamore seed hunting for food on a mossy wall They are too small to shoot, so the gentry don’t bother trying. The only reason the gentry can hit real driven pheasants is because they’re sozzled (the gentry are too). They then have two to shoot at and usually hit the real one after shooting at the imaginary one which is a result of cross eyes due to a pint of the finest Napoleon Brandy.

This next seed is from our Reptile Seed House. This is a stunning tadpole of the genus Froggus Notyeymorphus. Our Super Nature Scientific Reasearch Department (a pub) reckons that these little tadpole seeds have a seven second memory like a goldfish, otherwise, this one would be thinking ‘I’m getting right pissed off swimming around this, whatever it is?' ... just like a human at work.

It’s actually a mini fishbowl, but sycamore seeds don’t know what fishbowls are, or even the word (or what a word actually is). 'Fishbowl, to a sycamore seed sounds like 'flobishw'... It simply feels pissed off but has no idea why, which is why humans are so lucky! This kind of scientific research is really easy, because you can just make it up. It is very surprising though just how many people believe it. Next thing? The local newspaper will send a reporter around and he or she will ask “Is it true you have a sycamore seed tadpole?”
“Yes of course! It has a very short memory like a goldfish, but it's very gorgeous.”
“Really?! You wouldn’t 'lie' to the newspaper would you?”
“Of course not! What do you take me/us for?”






Giraffes are renowned for being rude to sunflowers

in Super-Nature land!





When God chills looking into his aquarium, this is what happens:


And our 'gorgeous' Water Snail. Water is life, water is nature, water is extremely handy.

Can you see it? (It can see 'you')

Oops sorry! We lied (not deliberately)




In the world of Super-Nature the grass is also an important part of the team.


In the world of Super-Nature does Pot-Doodle fit?


We hope you enjoyed the glance into our Super Nature idea.

Other shots will appear as they happen.


As we like to (attempt to) amuse people because it feels good to all parties, we also have an e book shop, as Frankie is a writer of ('hopefully') amusing ditties. So, if you're a reader of short/medium length stories which can cause smiles, you may want to have a browse. The shop is underneath the gallery link on the next page, as we have no desire to push-sell our books. Most of the stories are of the length which you may enjoy reading as you travel to work (or away from it). Anyway, enjoy Fwanksy's vision of the nice parts of Urbania (there are no graffiti shots). Thanks for dropping by.


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